Center of Hope Community Baptist Church:
Monday, December 05, 2022

COH Members Aim to "Maintain, Don't Gain" This Holiday Season

Research shows that many Americans gain at least one to three pounds during the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. While the one to three pounds the average American gains between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day doesn’t sound all that threatening, most people don’t lose that excess weight. The cumulative effects can really add up during the course of several years, contributing to a substantial increase in body weight. One pound becomes two, which becomes three, and before we know it, we’ve accumulated a significant amount of “holiday weight gain” over the years. Not only does this extra body weight impact one’s quality of life and self-esteem, it increases the risk for several chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.
As a result, Center of Hope members are currently participating in a 7-week Health & Wellness program called "Maintain, Don't Gain."  Presented by Center of Hope's Body & Soul Wellness Ministry and made possible by funding from Center for Disease Control through the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant administered by Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Health Promotion & Risk Reduction, the program's goal is to help the participants enjoy the highlights of the upcoming season while maintaining a lifestyle that supports good health, well-being, and their weight. Maintain, Don’t Gain will help them achieve this goal with healthy recipes, stress management tools, and physical activity suggestions.  

The participants each privately weighed in on Sunday November 23rd to establish their starting weight.  On Sunday January 11th, they will be privately weighed out. The goal is to maintain their weight within two pounds of their initial weigh-in. Weight loss is allowed, but is not the point.  During this seven-week period, the participants will receive information to help them eat well, great tasting recipes for holidays and special occasions, tools and tips to help them manage their time and stress levels, and much more. All participants who maintain their weight within two pounds will be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing. Individuals who complete the program survey will also be eligible for a prize, and all participants will receive a certificate of achievement as well as pedometer.