Center of Hope Community Baptist Church:
Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Our Mission & Vision


The mission of Center of Hope Community Baptist Church is to reconnect holistic Christ-centered ministry (in social, economic, political and all facets of contemporary life) to our spiritual and cultural foundations.



The vision of Center of Hope Community Baptist Church is to become a center for change and hope in the community by bringing the light of the gospel to bear upon the issue of diversity, liberation, inclusiveness, empowerment and social justice. 


Guided as we believe by the Holy Spirit and relying upon the blessings of God, we the company of disciples known as the Center of Hope Community Baptist Church, here and now, covenant to come together as a church of Jesus Christ to preach, teach, live and demonstrate the unconditional love of God, the healing of the brokenhearted, deliverance to those held captive, recovering of sight to the blind, and setting at liberty them that are bruised.

Center of Hope believes that there comes a time when to keep silent or inactive, amounts to betrayal. Moreover, we believe that the time to break the silence is NOW because there is:

  • A growing disillusionment among our young people and those on the fringe of society
  • A lack of male role models in schools, churches, in the home; and a negative portrayal of the African American male and female in society
  • Visible moral and spiritual decadence and hypocrisy at every level of society
  • Abnormally high rates of crime, violence and substance abuse in our community
  • Lack of equal access to education and financial resources
  • Devaluation of human life

The Center of Hope has decided to move past silence, indifference and indecision to action by calling people back to God, increasing spiritual awareness and promoting personal and social transformation through Jesus Christ.