Center of Hope Community Baptist Church:
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Center of Hope ELEVATE Program

 In 2014, CHFS named its Educational Enrichment Program – ELEVATE - Engage, Learn, Empower, Volunteer, Achieve, Teach, Enrich.


ELEVATE’s mission is: To provide a safe, nurturing, environment that simultaneously:

*       increases K-4 students’ literacy and math performance

*      exposes students to diverse positive youth development and enrichment opportunities

*      empowers parents to lead students in becoming active leaders, learners, and positive contributors to the school and community.


ELEVATE has the following program goals:

*      To empower parents to fully engage in the education of their children.

*      To equip parents to provide high quality academic support to their children in literacy and math. 

*      To affirm and develop parents and students as leaders, learners, and positive contributors to their school and community.

*      To increase students’ engagement in the educational process.  

*      To increase students’ academic performance in reading and math.

*      To increase pro-social behaviors among students.

*      To support academic learning by promoting health and wellness among children and families.

*      To affirm the dignity, worth, and sociocultural background of all children and families we serve.


During its 13 week after school program in 2014, ELEVATE participants demonstrated an average gain of .18 grade levels in reading and .20 grade levels in math.