Center of Hope Community Baptist Church:
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Church Service (5/18/08)

This album contains a photo of Dea. Yokley during devotion and some participation photos from this week's "Children's Hour."


Dea. Yokley of Mt. Enon Baptist Church (Dayton, OH) offers prayer during devotion.



Ayden defines "Gift" with three words: "Praise the Lord," as in praising the Lord for the gifts He's given us. 


Rodney on "Teamwork"

Rodney, who plays shooting guard for his basketball team, explains his role on his team and how he would be punished by his coach for not attending practice. 

Rodney on

Darryl on "Teamwork"

Darryl explains the role of a Power Forward on a basketball team.  The children then learn from the Leading Lady that like any sports team, members of a church have their own roles, and in order for the "team" as a whole to maximize its potential, all the members have to contribute in a positive way.

Darryl on